Danielle Wesolowicz, MS

Danielle Wesolowicz


Danielle is a fourth-year clinical psychology graduate student in the Center for Pain Research and Behavioral Health. She graduated with honors from Albion College in 2014 with a major in Psychology and a concentration in Neuroscience. She then graduated with high distinction from the University of Michigan – Dearborn with a Master’s degree in Health Psychology in 2016 where she completed a master’s thesis examining the relationship between emotion inhibition, pain catastrophizing, and relationship satisfaction in couples. Danielle joined the Center for Pain Research and Behavioral Health in 2016 under the mentorship of Dr. Michael E. Robinson. Danielle’s research interests include psychological factors in the chronification of pain and self-medicating behaviors in pain. She has successfully defended her dissertation study examining the role of daily pain variability in low back pain and is currently on internship.


Leonard, M. T., Krajewski-Kidd, K., Shuler, R., Wesolowicz, D., Miller, C., & Chatkoff, D. (In Press). The Impact of Emotional Regulation Strategies On Pain Catastrophizing in the Context of Interpersonal Relationships. The Clinical journal of pain.

Wesolowicz, D. M., Clark, J. F., Boissoneault, J., & Robinson, M. E. (2018). The roles of gender and profession on gender role expectations of pain in health care professionals. Journal of Pain Research11, 1121.


Poster Presentations

Wesolowicz, D. M., Taylor, J., Robinson, M. E., & Boissoneault, J. (September 2018). Acute Analgesic Effects of Alcohol in Healthy Social Drinkers With and Without Family History of Alcoholism. Poster presented at the Interational Association for the Study of Pain 2018 World Congress on Pain. Boston, MA.

Wesolowicz, D. M., Clark, J. F., Boissoneault, J., & Robinson, M. E. (April 2018). Self-Perceptions and Gender Role Stereotypes of Pain in Physicians and Dentists. Poster presented at the Society for Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

Krajewski, M.S., Wesolowicz, D.M., Shuler, B.A., Leonard, M.T., & Chatkoff, D. K. (November 2017). The Role of Cognitive Strategies and Relationship Satisfaction within a Pain Context. Poster presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Annual Convention. San Diego, CA.

Elsiss, F., Ftouni, A., Wesolowicz, D., Ulifg, C., Chatkoff, D., & Leonard, M. (March 2016). Ambivalence Over Emotional Expression as a Mediator between Cognitive Stress Measures and Cardiovascular Reactivity. Poster presented at the American Psychosomatic Society Annual Meeting. Denver, CO.

Wesolowicz, D., Elsiss, F., Chatkoff, D., & Leonard., M. (October 2015). Women’s Cardiovascular Reactivity to and Recovery from an Interpersonal Stress Task as Measured by Impedance Cardiography. Poster presented at the Researchers of Biobehavioral Health in Urban Settings Today (ROBUST) Symposium. Detroit, MI.

Wesolowicz, D., Wieth, M., Christopher, A., Carlson, J., & Boyan, A. (May, 2014). Google: Search results, health anxiety, and memory biases. Poster presented at the 26th Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science. San Francisco, CA.